Success Story: Process Excellence at T-Systems MMS

Find out how T-Systems MMS established continuous process improvement by getting everybody involved.

The BPM project at T-Systems MMS (the company provides Internet based services to medium-sized and large companies) was awarded the first German PEX Innovation Award 2013 in the field of Process Excellence for its Process-oriented Management System (PoMS) program.

Continuous process improvement

This continuous improvement program at T-Systems MMS aims primarily at providing consistent support to all employees in their daily business. More than 1,400 T-Systems MMS employees are using Signavio on a daily basis.

All of T-Systems MMS process models describing the activities of the business are easily accessed via the company’s intranet using a web-based Collaboration Portal powered by Signavio. Due to its focus on continuous process improvement and the strong acceptance of Signavio by its employees, T-Systems MMS staff members can now quickly identify bottlenecks and remove them. Not surprisingly, the company also won the Great Place to Work 2013 – Best Companies in IT award. Involving everyone in process improvement not only helps increase operational efficiency, it also helps to increase job satisfaction! For further information, please check out our T-Systems MMS case study!

Try it yourself

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Continuous Process Improvement at T-Systems MMS:

  • Providing support to all employees in their daily business
  • Collaboration Portal connected to T-Systems MMS Intranet
  • Identification and removal of bottlenecks
  • More than 1,400 Signavio users
… By inte­grating all employ­ees in proc­ess design, we were able to enhance and speed up our cont­inuous proc­ess improvement efforts. Sherwin Towfighian, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH


IT Service Management with ITIL

Service and customer orientation – that’s the key concept behind the Infrastructure Library ® 2011 (ITIL). Today ITIL is de facto standard if you want to have problem free IT service management and optimally support your business processes through the use of IT. By constantly developing and extending your range of content, you will be significantly reducing operating and error costs and increasing customer satisfaction. The ITIL ® 2011 Best Practices from Signavio contains over 120 process diagrams that can easily be adapted to your company’s data. The Best Practices can be transferred to any reasonably standardized IT developments.

Use ITIL ® 2011 for the optimisation of your processes!

Markets are dynamic. You best know the ins-and-outs of your market and work to increase your business’s ability to compete in that market every day. The ITIL ® 2011 for the Signavio Process Editor offers you a collection of Best Practices, that can easily be adapted to suit your branch and company specific data. Use this excellent reference for the daily processes that go between IT, application management, infrastructure management and your customers, without having to tediously configure and evaluate your processes beforehand. The ITIL ® 2011 creates a direct relationship between your customers and IT, through which the requirements for the organization of products can be optimally defined from the start.

Improve your process efficiency in the long term with the ITIL ® 2011

The ITIL ® 2011 for the Signavio Process Editor helps you to clearly define who is responsible for the process according to RACI and present this information transparently. Your employees can take the customers’ needs back into account with a sense of purpose, without having to invest a huge amount of time in technical affairs. In this way the extensive checklists and templates in the ITIL ® 2011 don’t just improve the long term satisfaction of its users within your company, but also that of the customer.

Benefit from the integration of the process glossary!

You can import the ITIL ® 2011 into Signavio Process Editor, and register for the process glossary for free at any time. We would love to advise you personally on how you can use Best Practices to get the most out of your BPM initiatives and increase the level of service at IT to benefit your company.