Implementing SAP projects is demanding for the managers responsible. They often face challenges to:

Leveraging Processes to Implement SAP Projects

  • establish and maintain vital communication between departments and IT
  • align business and IT requirements
  • manage large project teams and cost intensive activities.

SAP Solution Manager is the tool of choice to document SAP® deployments and serves as a single source of truth on the technical side.

To achieve maximum success of your SAP implementation you need to:

  1. Understand and define end-to-end business processes
  2. Ensure standards are  conformed to
  3. Synchronize your business processes with Solution Manager
  4. Test the implementation based on well defined end-to-end business processes
  5. Roll out the project
  6. Implement governance to ensure continuous process improvement

Ensuring communication and collaboration across departments is vital for the success of an SAP implementation project.

Using Signavio for process oriented implementation of SAP projects has proven to:

  • promote communication and discussion
  • establish an understanding for processes
  • encourage documentation.