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The Power of Process Tour

Global transformation

Global organizations have been leveraging the power of process to drive transformation for decades. Early enablers of process-based transformation include TQM, BPR, and most fashionably Six Sigma and Lean. Such approaches were traditionally non-tech based and worked reasonably well at the time of creation. However, that was the past, and as we drive further into the 21st Century, it’s time to shift our way of thinking. The velocity of change and the impact of digital technologies has radical implications across all aspects of our lives. Not only are organizations being wiped out, but entire industries are being eliminated. The ability to sense, respond to, and leverage these changes directly, will determine whether a business thrives or dies.

The impact of digital

This event will explore not just the impact of digital on your business, but the impact of digital in how you prepare, plan, and execute business transformation itself. Let’s understand better the new tools and technologies changing the foundations of how we undertake the ‘process’ of process management. As a manager or executive responsible for successfully enabling or driving business transformation, mastering how to respond faster, provide conclusive evidence, and maintaining the gains is crucial.

During these sessions, you will learn:

  • How blending customer journeys, processes, and decisions into a single perspective delivers fantastic new insights;
  • How truly transformative organizations think and act differently when approaching business transformation;
  • Why it is essential to blend facts with feelings to ensure lasting engagement within organizations;
  • The secret to keeping business transformation or process improvement initiatives alive and relevant;
  • The three top tips to more effectively gain and retain C-Level sponsorship.

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