Since 1990 Perth-based Telethon Kids Institute has been working to realize their vision “To improve the health and wellbeing of children through excellence in research”.

“Our goal over the next five years is to build on our success and create a research institute that makes a real difference in our community, with a renewed focus on translation and discovery, which will benefit children and families everywhere. We will do this together – unified in our leadership, excellence, passion, and vision.” Professor Jonathan Carapetis, Director.

The Institute’s collaborative approach focuses research efforts on the areas of public and child health which will have the greatest impact on community health outcomes, in Western Australia and beyond.

To achieve this, business transformation is a top priority – with streamlining internal processes and relationships with stakeholders, breaking down organizational barriers, and boosting internal and external customer experience. Enter Signavio.

Chris Nurse, Head Technology Transformation, Telethon Kids Institute: “In order to harvest knowledge, drive health benefits and increase efficiency, we have to drive our digital transformation, and in order to do so needed a business process technology partner that we could trust. There are several toolsets out there, but having a partner, rather than a product vendor, was an essential part of the value proposition. The backing of a trusted team at Signavio.”