The challenges

With significant and ongoing changes in the organization thanks to global growth based on recent acquisitions, it became more and more challenging for QBE to ensure efficiency and consistency in its daily operations, especially given the relatively strong financial accountability regime in Australia. What QBE needed was a system to help the business navigate through a transformation, helping to maximize efficiency and therefore enabling employees to deliver on customer promises at any time.

The solution

“Change is about people,” explains Jonathan Groves, Chief Risk Officer for QBEs Australia Pacific Operations. “So it was crucial to have everyone on board right from the start.” Signavio offered the ideal set of transformation tools for QBE to provide a company-wide understanding of their business processes and establish a reliable risk and control management framework. The Signavio Business Transformation Suite convinced the QBE team through its ease of use and good visualization possibilities.

The results

Despite the huge number of processes to be reviewed and integrated into a common approach, QBE managed to take the step from one-off “transformation projects” towards a continuous process improvement cycle. Process management is now part of the company’s day-to-day business, leading to a better control environment with a clearer understanding of business operations and how they interact with each other.

QBE is continuing to work towards operational excellence with more meaningful controls and discovering problems before they even occur. After their success in the Asia Pacific region, QBE is planning to roll out their initiative globally to drive change and process improvement. This transformation is the baseline for the organization to be able to delight their customers with services that exceed expectations.

“What would we do differently next time? Clearly starting it earlier! Process management needs time and means picking problems up before they occur. It is an investment in our long term success.”
Jonathan Groves, Chief Risk Officer for QBEs Australia Pacific Operations

The benefits

  • Continuous process improvement
  • better risks and controls
  • Increased efficiency to fulfil customer expectations
  • Easy involvement of the whole team