The impact was immediate and measurable. We’ve seen a significant reduction in development time for API definition and construction. The efficiency gain is likely greater than 50% Harrison Lync, Consensus Corporation

Consensus’ Connected Commerce platform handles all of the complexity of retailing connecting products. The platform includes a suite of commerce applications and services for retailing smart­phones, tablets and connected products, addressing the often disjointed shopping experience of buying multiple, connected products, for example:

  • Selecting a smartphone, and plan & warranty/insurance protection
  • Qualifying the customer by securely capturing their PII data for carrier financing (and qualifying credit check)
  • Activating and provisioning the number port or SIM swap of that smartphone

Built on a Software-as-a-Service platform, it is designed to easily plug into existing retail systems without complex integrations.

Consensus uses Signavio as an integral part of it’s product development lifecycle, aligning employees for major transformational projects. To learn more, please check out the Signavio Blog.