Consensus Corporation offer a Connected Commerce platform that helps retailers sell bundled products to consumers—think smartphones sold with insurance, a wireless plan, and a set of headphones, or getting a discount on a gaming console when you buy a few games as well. But Consensus Corporation are also in the change management business, as they support organizations to shift their operations into an increasingly online world.

The challenge

Consensus were given the task of 're-platforming' an e-commerce site, moving it from its outdated monolith platform, to a service oriented one—on a strict pre-holiday season deadline. To get the job done, Consensus needed a way to quickly align their team towards this single goal, then map out the plan for the re-platforming project. Unfortunately, there had been very little documentation of processes, and the company was forced to rely on the unwritten information staff kept in their heads. Of course, very little of this information was available for easy reference for the rest of the team, especially new employees.

The solution

Consensus turned to Signavio to support their goals. The Signavio Business Transformation Suite helped Consensus' developers with different backgrounds and expertise work together to a common purpose. All stakeholders were able to easily provide real-time feedback, which improved the quality of the process models, as well as helping engage everyone in the project, creating vital buy-in. After all, a challenge as big as re-platforming can’t be tackled without the knowledge and support of the entire team.

An insider's guide

Harrison Lynch, Senior Director of Product Development at Consensus, spoke to Signavio directly about the benefits of the Business Transformation Suite:

"Signavio brought a lot of great things to the table, especially the standardized notation, intuitive usability, and collaborative functionality. We were able to engage our entire team in documenting and innovating key development processes and saw great results."

To learn more about how Signavio helped Consensus meet difficult deadlines, collaborate effectively, and even improve recruitment, check out Signavio's blog for the full interview with Harrison Lynch about process management for product developers.