SaaS: The Benefits of Signavio’s Secure Cloud Service

With the Software-as-a-Service edition, the SAP Signavio Process Manager is the first web-based tool for modeling business processes. You can start with modeling processes right away - you do not need to install or administer anything.

Cloud Service - Man with Signavio Cloud in hand

Signavio offers a secure cloud-based service. SAP Signavio Process Manager was the first web-based tool for modeling business processes. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Signavio allows you to start modeling processes right away --  no installation or administrator set up required!


Because it works in any web browser, users can edit process models at any time from anywhere. Plus, your data is securely encrypted and backed up and distributed geographically to prevent any losses. Have questions or concerns? Contact us anytime.


There are many benefits of SaaS, but here are a few big ones:


Scalability. With SaaS, you can choose only the tools and products your business needs. If your business is growing fast, it’s easy to expand your subscription service as well -- without the added headache of adding servers or changing your infrastructure


Efficiency. When the software application is already installed and configured, users just need to access it on the cloud and they’re ready to go. This cuts down on the time to benefit, as employees can quickly start using the tool.  The cloud-based SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite has an intuitive design that is accessible from any modern web-browser.


Cost. SaaS can be more cost efficient for organizations in the long-term depending on the needs of your organization. SaaS allows companies to “pay as you go,” meaning that the subscription is flexible and can fit your rapidly changing business demands.


Security. If you think On-prem is more secure than SaaS, you might want to reconsider. With Signavio, our experts work constantly to implement updates and monitor the applications so there are no vulnerabilities. We use an encrypted connection using HTTPS and all backups are encrypted and geographically distributed.

  • Access via web-browser
  • No installation on desktops
  • Company-wide access possible
  • Smooth change possible

Feature Overview

Pricing scheme Monthly rent
Signavio server Securely hosted by Signavio *
Signavio client Access through web browser
Encrypted Connection using HTTPS *
Backups Encrypted and geographically distributed *
Authentication for read access (BPM Collaboration Portal) Via browser certificate or SharePoint®-SSO
Updates Included, automatic updates
Telephone and email support Included
Please ask for our IT security architecture / guidelines.