Signavio Process Governance 3.82 (SaaS)


General Notice

As stated in the release notes for version 3.78, the development team is still working on improving overall workflow editor performance. These efforts might temporarily impact editor performance or cause issues such as shapes moving while modeling. This topic currently has the highest priority, and will likely take some more time to resolve.

Fixed Bugs


  • We fixed several issues concerning adding and configuring exclusive gateways.
  • Removing a user without selecting a replacement immediately could lead to problems with task assignment. If a task from the removed user was assigned to one user, and then a different user was selected as a replacement, the task assignment was withdrawn.
  • You were unable to start a case if a form group and a nested field had two conflicting custom rules in the trigger.
  • Occasionally, timers could get stuck.
  • Case comments didn’t show up immediately after submission.
  • If task buttons in a user task preceding a manual gateway were selected during the first loop of a process, other case participants in the following loops were presented with the first selection instead of all options.  
  • Normally, when assigning a role to a task, you can choose to create a role from a separate  task. However, the drop-down list displayed “Unnamed user task” instead of the correct task names.