Signavio Workflow Accelerator 3.80 (SaaS)

January 10th 2019


General Notice

As stated in the release notes for version 3.79, the development team is still working on improving overall workflow editor performance. This topic currently has the highest priority, and will most likely some more time to resolve.

Fixed Bugs


  • The “Set model state” action for newly created processes did not transfer the status updates correctly. 
  • Users could edit filters in shared reports although they only had “view report” permission. 
  • In some cases, users were not able to drag & drop activities to the editor.  
  • In some cases, users were not able to open certain processes.
  • The configuration for “DMN Rule Task” could not be opened.
  • After changing an already transferred process in Signavio Process Manager, it was no longer possible to edit this process model in Workflow Accelerator.