Signavio Process Intelligence – April 7, 2021 Release

April 7th 2021

With the new release of Signavio Process Intelligence, we introduced the following new functions:

New / Improved Functions

  • Over time widget: If there is no data for a particular date, the graph now continues with the next date that is available in the data. For details, see Over time.
  • Process discovery widget: The width of the widget can be halved. If users duplicate a half-width widget, they can visually compare two process variants. For details, see Process discovery.
  • We improved widgets that display charts as follows. For details, see Widgets.
    • We added new chart types:
      • Area chart
      • Stacked area chart
      • Stacked bar chart
      • Pie chart
    • We added features to drill down into data:
      • Break down by another attribute users select
      • View over time
      • View distribution
  • Users can now duplicate investigations. For details, see Add an investigation.
  • We introduced metrics. For details, see Work with metrics.
    • Users with the manager role for a process can do the following:
      • Add metrics from the library to a process
      • Customize existing metrics
      • Create own metrics
      • Export and import metrics
      • Add units to metrics
    • Users with the manager or analyst role for a process can do the following:
      • Configure widgets to display the output of metrics
      • Add a metric bar to investigations
  • We introduced ETL data pipelines. With these pipelines, you can extract process data from a web-hosted source system, like Salesforce or ServiceNow. Extracted data is then transformed and loaded into Process Intelligence. For details, see Automated data integration with ETL.
    • Users can create, manage, and monitor ETL data pipelines. 
    • We provide data model templates to accelerate the creation of data pipelines. For details on the templates, please contact Signavio Support. The following templates are available:
      • Lead-to-Quote (Salesforce)
      • Lead-to-Opportunity (Salesforce)
      • Issue-to-Resolution (ServiceNow)
    • For data extraction, users can do the following:
      • Select tables and columns
      • Preview the data
      • Pseudonymize data
      • Define data partitions
      • Configure criteria for delta extraction
      • Schedule daily extraction and transformation
    • Users can model the data transformation with integrated SQL scripting and preview the result directly.

Please note that this software release is deployed to our different systems, and over the next few days. You can check the  current software version in the help menu.