SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub: Changes in Version 2.4.1 (SaaS)

General Notice

We are working on improving the performance of Collaboration Hub, this topic currently has the highest priority. We'll be releasing multiple improvements in the upcoming weeks.

New / Improved Functions

  • When you move or delete content, the file tree view is automatically updated.
  • If you copy content into the same folder, the copied version is added to the top of the list. For long lists, the page focus moves automatically so that the copied content is visible. 
  • We have added content types that display rich text formatting in the documentation field:
    • Bulleted lists are now displayed.
    • Horizontal line breaks are now displayed.

Fixed Bugs

  • The positioning of diagram labels is now the same in Process Manager and Collaboration Hub. 
  • Occasionally, fast scrolling led to a timeout error, we’ve fixed this.
  • The action window no longer freezes when you work with large data volumes.
  • In Firefox, you needed two clicks instead of one to open some menus, we’ve fixed this.
  • Collaboration Hub no longer crashes when an overlay value for a custom layer includes a table that consists of a single line text (as list).

Note: These are features and bug fixes for the new Collaboration Hub that is part of the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite. Bug fixes for the classic Collaboration Hub are listed in the SAP Signavio Process Manager release notes.