SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub: Changes in Version 2.1 (SaaS)

Note: These are features for the new Collaboration Hub that is part of the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite.

New / Improved Functions

  • We made it easier for you to view the overlays you need:
    • It is now clearer which overlays are available for a diagram and how many are visible.
    • Administrators can now set default values for overlay visibility.
    • When you change the overlay settings, these changes are saved and applied when you open the next diagram.
    • If you have changed your overlay settings, you can go back to the default settings with one click. 
    • You can show or hide all overlays with one click.
    • When you hover over collapsed overlay icons, the attribute values are displayed.
    • We have enabled risk and control tracking via overlays.
    • When you now click an overlay, the preview for the attribute opens.
    • Overlays are now available for more notations.
  • Collaboration Hub is now also available in the following languages:
    French, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese