Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 6.6.1

January 12th 2013

New/improve Functions

  • Commenting: If a comment contains a link to a web or network resource, the link is highlighted and clickable.
  • A labeling insertion field is automatically adjusted to the size of the corresponding element.
  • Custom process documentation: The template editor allows the usage of text formatting styles in most elements.
  • It is now more intuitive to link an existing element label to an existing dictionary entry. When clicking on the dictionary symbol, similar dictionary entries are suggested (if existent).
  • Fixed Bugs

    • Custom process documentation: Several layout issues in footer and header have been fixed.
    • BPMN 2.0: A message element can only be connected to a message flow and mustn't be connected via an association.
    • URLs of external documents can't be longer than 255 characters.
    • Printing comments as a guest in the process portal does not work. Instead of printing the portal is opened again in a new browser tab.
    • Process documentation: When using the option "include sub processes" causes the generation of the documentation to fail, is on of the linked sub process does not exist anymore.
    • Process documentation: If diagram titles start with numbers, the sorting is done alphabetically and not alphanumerically.
    • Process documentation: Enumerations in description texts are not correct in some cases.
    • Saving a diagram is not possible if a user has only the "permission to write" for the file but not for the superordinate directory.
    • Process portal: If a value chain contains multiple links to one process, a paperclip might be displayed on each of these sub processes (but the one linked first), although no documents are linked.
    • Risks and controls: Drop down menus are always displayed in English.
    • Risks and controls: Risks and controls attributes are not displayed correctly in the diagram comparison.
    • Labels are not displayed correctly using the Beta version of Firefox 18.
    • Copying and pasting diagram elements between two diagrams might not work using Internet Explorer 9.
    • Process portal: Very long links in diagram or element details might mess up the layout of the right handed panel.
    • After resizing a pool or a lane and undoing this action, flow breakpoints aren't positioned correctly in some cases.
    • The sorting algorithm of glossary entries sorts upper case before lower case letters.
    • Notifications of a new diagram revision or a comment are created in the profile language of the editing user and not of the receiving user.