SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub: Changes in Version 3.2.2 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • We've added a new message for unsupported browsers. You can find the browsers we support here
  • We've improved the status message for the following actions when managing folders and diagrams in preview mode:
    • Copy
    • Delete
    • Move
    • Publish
    • Unpublish
  • In preview mode, revision comments that modelers add when saving a revision are now displayed as part of the diagram details.
  • We've updated the information displayed for a diagram: 
    • In preview mode:
      • ‘Updated’ to ‘Last author’.
      • 'Last updated' to 'Last modified'.
    • In published mode: 
      • 'Last updated to 'Last published'.
      • ‘Last publisher’ to ‘Last author’.

Fixed Bugs

  • We fixed two errors for overlays:
    • Overlays that contain an attribute with long text, would overlap tasks and other overlays.
    • Attachment overlays wouldn't always display.
  • In the 'Settings', we've fixed two errors that occurred when you deleted the entry diagram in the 'Home page' section:
    • Deleting a diagram would prevent you from adding another diagram.
    • After deleting a diagram, the deleted diagram would still display.