SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 11.2.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • The preview of the Collaboration Hub is now clearly visually distinguishable from the actual Collaboration Hub.
  • We released the first version of the governance report dialog, which provides you with insights on how your users use SAP Signavio Process Manager.
  • You can use the advanced search of the Explorer to find models and files with specific publishing states (‘not published’ or ‘published’).
  • You can use the advanced search of the Explorer to find models with open comments.
  • When a file or Signavio archive (SGX) is uploaded, the system runs a virus check and rejects the upload if a virus is detected.
  • Process Governance specifies the user who started a process approval workflow in Process Manager as the case creator.
  • When selecting a dictionary item to search for in the advanced search of the Collaboration Hub, the system shows the icon of the corresponding category and a tool-tip with the item description.
  • When registering a new workspace, customers can now provide more detailed information about their company.
  • DMN XML exporter now includes knowledge source elements and custom attributes.

Fixed Bugs

  • Removing read access rights for the Collaboration Hub was extremely slow for folders containing many published models.
  • In some cases, an incorrect warning icon was displayed for columns in DMN decision tables
  • Looking up dictionary entries in categories with disabled sub-categories in QuickModel didn’t work.
  • Since the previous release, the system did not escape HTML in custom attribute values
  • The search for dictionary items by title did not work if the title contained white spaces.
  • Printing diagrams as PDF documents failed, if a risk management item contained an attribute of the  type document/URL.
  • In rare cases, published dictionary entries were not available in the Collaboration Hub.