SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 11.0.0 (SaaS)

 New / Improved Functions

  • The ‘Home’ page feature of the Collaboration Hub has left the beta phase and is ready to be used in production.
  • The system loads the items of dictionary categories faster.
  • Integrating the SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 now requires your SharePoint system to support TLS version 1.1 or 1.2. Learn how to activate TLS 1.1/1.2 support at
  • Information about outdated authentication certificates for the Collaboration Hub is no longer displayed in the certificate download dialog. Since December 15, 2016, these certificates can no longer be used to authenticate Collaboration Hub users.
  • We renamed the ‘Data-based Exclusive Gateway’ to ‘Exclusive Gateway’. This is an idea from the Signavio Ideas Portal.
  • DMN ‘boxed invocations’ support complex data types.

Fixed Bugs

  • Custom attributes that are marked as invisible for Collaboration Hub users could not be used for the advanced search in the Explorer.
  • When using the advanced search of the Collaboration Hub, several smaller issues had a negative impact on the user experience.
  • Linked dictionary items within risk management tables were displayed in the user’s language instead of the selected content language.
  • The BPMN simulation tool showed a confusing, outdated tool tip about resource availability.
  • The Editor did not load if a strict proxy server setting was used that blocks requests if a subpath or parameter starts with “http://”.
  • The spreadsheet-based dictionary importer didn't handle links to documents on network drives correctly.
  • In some cases, DMN elements were not correctly defined after a copy and paste action.
  • In some cases, the configuration of IP address white lists wasn’t applied correctly. Please note this could only lead to an unnecessarily strict security configuration and not to security problems.
  •  It was not possible to remove old Collaboration Hub authentication certificates via the certificate configuration dialog.
  • When using custom attributes of type ‘text list’, the best practice modeling convention check would throw unnecessary warnings.
  • In some cases, the user group assignment that is possible when inviting new users to a workspace didn’t work correctly.
  • In new workspaces, it was not possible to reference dictionary entries that are in dictionary subcategories in QuickModel.
  • In Internet Explorer 11, running the modeling convention check could cause performance issues.
  • In process model metrics reports, fields of the column “Date of last publication” were empty if the corresponding diagram has a newer, not published revision or if the published revision has been unpublished.
  • The DMN XML exporter didn’t export the revision number and revision ID correctly.
  • In rare cases, process documentation reports didn’t list all elements correctly.