Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 8.4.1 (SaaS)

January 24th 2015

New & improved Features

  • The Signavio Process Editor is now also available in Chinese (simplified/traditional), Japanese and Korean.
  • Improvements to the new BPM collaboration portal: The diagram view in the new portal now offers two different views of the diagrams. On the one side the original view and on the other side a compact view that hides IT systems, documents as well as text notes. Additionally, the title of the browser tab now shows the name of the currently selected diagram.
  • Approval Workflow: You can now use email to send tasks in your workflows.
  • For elements in BPMN 2.0 process diagrams, the color gradient of the background color can be deactivated.
  • You can now show a staple icon in the Signavio Editor on all elements with attached documents.
  • Multilingualism: Ultimate Edition customers can now select any number of languages to manage multilingual content. Corporate Edition customers can still select up to three languages.
  • The search function in Signavio Explorer now makes suggestions from the glossary entries. In addition, the advanced search now also supports searches for linked diagrams.
  • The layout of lists of glossary entries in the process handbook has been revised.
  • The reports now also contain the name of the workspace in the header. In addition, the modeling conventions report contains the ID of the diagram for each diagram included.

Fixed Bugs

  • In the comment view, changing the default language to another language is not working.
  • In certain cases, the Signavio sharepoint connector for Microsoft Sharepoint 365 cannot be downloaded.
  • In certain cases, the advanced search shows the wrong results because the search function is searching for the search term in all attributes rather than just the selected attribute.
  • The diagram filter for the process hand book generation does not function with attributes of type glossary links as a list.
  • In specific cases, a diagram cannot be opened in the Signavio Editor if the name of the diagram contains non-visible control characters.
  • In the process handbook template editor, glossary categories of the second level are not displayed for selection.
  • In certain cases, glossary entries can not be edited.
  • In simulation, in certain cases when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, no resources of a scenario can be edited.
  • In certain cases, when you move or enlarge a BPMN lane, an error occurs, which means the Signavio Editor has to be reloaded.