Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 6.4.0

November 1st 2012

New/improved Functions

  • The default process documentation was replaced by a template based on the customize-able process documentation templates in order to standardize the layout.
  • BPMN 2.0 XML import/export: The recognition of the process context regarding modelling without pools and lanes was adjusted. Without pools and lanes, all elements are now assigned to one process. Previously, elements, which are not connected via sequence flows, were assigned to different processes. When modeling with several pools on the same canvas, each pool still defines the process context.
  • Email notifications about new comments on or revisions of a diagram now contain the email address of the author in the “replyto” field.
  • For guest users the folder “Shared documents” is hidden in den folder tree in the collaboration portal. The content of the “Shared documents” folder is shown on root level of the folder tree.
  • Server API: When importing a diagram as an BPMN 2.0 XML file using the server API, the imported diagram can now be imported as a new revision of an already existing diagram – with help of the parameter “modelid”. In this case the name of the diagram will not be changed.
  • When labeling elements, the insertion text field will be automatically adjusted to the element size.
  • It is now possible to label a BPMN lane, even if this lane is the only lane of a pool.
  • Only regarding the Enterprise Edition:
    • The database system Oracle 11g is now officially supported.

Fixed Bugs

  • A non-labeled BPMN taks leads to error when creating the process cost analysis report.
  • BPMN 2.0 XML import/export:
    • After an import, the pool attribute “isClosed” is always set to “true”.
    • A BoundaryErrorEvent inside an embedded sub process is exported as an IntermediateCatchEvent.
    • In case a diagram contains several error events referencing different error codes, only one error code is exported.
    • If the source attribute of a linkEventDefinition element contains a URL, the validation of the BPMN 2.0 XML file fails, as the specification defines a QName format for this attribute.
    • In the conditionalEventDefinition element the child element “condition” is missing, if no condition was given during modeling.
  • When creating a dictionary entry in one language and copying this text into a second language, it is not possible to delete text in the first language.
  • The create-/edit dialogue of the definition of an own attribute gets cluttered when the amount of entries in the drop down list rises.
  • If the document usage report is created based on several copies of one diagrams, in certain cases the results are messed up.
  • In some cases the removal of the glossary’s writing and opening permissions disable the reading access, too.
  • Inserting an empty element in the list while creating an own attribute of the type “drop down list” leads in certain cases to an error preventing the successful definition of the attribute.
  • If inserting elements on the canvas requires the extension of the canvas to the left or upper side, in some cases the breakpoints of flows are placed wrong.
  • Opening a link to the Signavio Process Editor without being logged in, the redirection after having logged in does not work in some cases.
  • The “invite to comment” functionality reverses the invitation text in case the users changes the the diagram selection after having inserted the text.
  • The dialog to edit dictionary entries in the dictionary view is not displayed correctly in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Stakeholder specific views can’t be exported as PDF.
  • The wrong handling of URLs in own attributes of the type “document/URL” can lead to an error in the editing view, so opening the diagram is no longer possible.
  • Only regarding the Enterprise Edition:
    • When creating a new user it can happen that more named user licenses are displayed than accessible.