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The speed of insights

In an environment of constant change, efficient and effective business processes form the basis of an agile organization, which can respond quickly and smoothly to new opportunities and new challenges. Agile isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a necessary part of today’s business world. Are your processes quick enough to keep up with the speed of insights?

The Velocity Edition

Signavio Workflow Accelerator - Hub Inbox Screen

You've got news

Now there is direct access to your tasks in the Hub Inbox, so you can open a job and complete it. Stay updated, reassign work, and stay better connected within the Hub. The new design aligns across the Suite so you know exactly what’s where, and which task comes next.

Signavio Workflow Accelerator - Export Data Screen

Export your data

Analyze your workflow case events in Signavio Process Intelligence or your own business intelligence platform. This instant business knowledge establishes end-to-end process-orientation to discover improvement potential quickly. Translate this into operational change for new customer excellence initiatives, RPA at scale imperatives, and ERP transformations.

Signavio Workflow Accelerator - Search Function Screen

Search Function

Find workflow content in the Hub, so you can find all information relevant to your role. Find what you need to know, faster than ever! Get around navigational structures that may previously have been confusing. This is especially important for companies that are constantly adding new content or processes.

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Signavio Workflow Accelerator puts process participants in the driver’s seat and doesn’t require any programming knowledge. The result? A high level of consistency and efficiency throughout your company. Never before has a workflow engine been easier to use, meaning you can leverage what matters most and stay aligned immediately.
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