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Collaboration Hub

Signavio Collaboration Hub is the heart of the Business Transformation Suite, delivering global communication, transparency and collaboration across solutions.
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Signavio Collaboration Hub Illustration

Dynamic operational insights

Business processes and decisions are the foundation on which your organization is built. Signavio Collaboration Hub and Live Insights acts as a single source of truth, giving employees across your organization a transparent meeting point to combine their work and expertise.

Accelerated collaboration

Next-gen operational insights

Let’s not conduct business as usual; let’s focus on the exceptional. By leveraging a single source of truth for the entire organization, companies can utilize comments and sharing features, promoting next-gen collaborative and transparent working environments. The wisdom of the crowd and Live Insights is a truly powerful combination—but can your organization leverage it?

Transparency across transformation

Signavio Collaboration Hub underpins transformational change for organizations across industries and geographies. Whether driven by the need to keep up with digital advances, the desire to protect a business from new challengers, or simply wanting to change direction, the sweeping overhaul characterized by business transformation requires new ways of creating value and innovation. Sometimes on a global scale.

Better enabled process mining investigations

Signavio Collaboration Hub helps you to avoid cumbersome, time-consuming email chains, or sifting through folders for the latest version of documents. Instead, with Signavio Collaboration Hub and Live Insights, content is created, captured, and shared by anyone, any time. This radical transparency, coupled with the use of Signavio Live Insights, can drive a company’s digital and cloud strategies, including S/4HANA, upgrade investigations, and support next-gen transformation initiatives.

The data that matters most

As the heart and soul of the Signavio Business Transformation Suite, Signavio Collaboration Hub delivers a single point of entry for everything process, providing different contextual views of a process. Signavio Collaboration Hub delivers business results smoothly throughout the Suite, making it even easier to collaborate with colleagues globally. Clearly see, understand, and interact with the data that matters most.

Accelerated operational Live Insights

The Signavio Collaboration Hub operational Launchpad, unites daily data with process management and real time collaboration, turning static models into dynamic and responsive dashboards. These insight flows inform and guide staff, and can be shared seamlessly throughout the Signavio Business Transformation Suite. Adaptive Live Insights means you are reading and creating content and engaging with workflows and investigations, all coupled with technology-enabled customer journeys and intelligent process mining.

It’s easy to use, you know where you go to get your information, and it’s very valuable for everybody.
Stephan Siegwart, Process Engineer at Swissgrid

Signavio Velocity Edition

Signavio Collaboration Hub - Welcome Dashboard

Improved collaborative capabilities

Improved commenting experience and notifications across tasks and diagrams. The gap is closed between responsibility and action, as employees are notified personally about any steps required across daily work. Better understand what is expected to drive improved results.

Signavio Collaboration Hub - Audience Setting Screen

Group-based visibility for attributes

Create, organize, and share Attribute Groups for clarity and turbocharged efficiency and effectiveness. Now you can filter user-specific results across the Suite to streamline massive data logs with one simple click. Users can also be assigned to groups with additional custom visibility options for attributes and Attribute Groups.

Signavio Collaboration Hub - Appearance Settings Screen

Color or image group-based theming

Manage how the Hub looks and feels across the workplace for user groups. You can even choose an image to enable next-level brand identity, helping employees to understand which space they are working in. Structure tasks for better clarity and help staff focus on the jobs relevant to them, speeding up daily operations and improving satisfaction and productivity. Work just became a little more colorful!

Signavio Collaboration Hub - Suite Search Function Screen

Suite search function

Seamless search functionality across the Suite, so you can find all process information relevant to your role. Work across tasks and process mining investigations instantly. Find what you need to know… at the speed of insights, so you’re navigating your responsibilities better and speeding through jobs.

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Signavio Collaboration Hub as is the collaborative capability to implement business transformation change across the entire Suite. The Hub is a step-up in operational excellence and facilitates collaboration across stakeholders during process design and process execution, helping you transform business by reinventing the workplace.
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Signavio Collaboration Hub Illustration