Effektif version 2.23 release

This week’s new release focuses on usability and performance improvements. Small details matter, and this collection of small improvements is designed to make you more effective when designing and running workflows in Effektif.

Effektif’s goal is ‘workflow, simplified’ which means that it is often more important to improve the quality of existing features than it is to add more features and increase the product’s complexity. This article describes selected improvements from this release: these are examples of small changes that you might not notice individually, but which help improve your overall experience.

Cases view

The cases view is the overview of currently running workflows – called ‘cases’. If you’re using Effektif for a high-volume process, then you may have a large number of cases open at once.

cases table

The improvements to the cases view in this release improve performance for a large number of open cases, by progressively loading case information as you scroll down the page.

As well as being long, the cases table may also be wide. By configuring additional columns to the table, you can create an overview of specific data for each case, which you need for process management. Each column shows the values for a form field or trigger email field that is part of the process model.

cases table

This release improves horizontal scrolling in the cases table: the columns on the left that show the case name and task status remain fixed, while case data columns on the right scroll horizontally when there are more columns.

Case event stream

When you’re working on a case, you can use its event stream to keep track of what happened, and when. The event stream is shown on the right-hand side of the case details page.

case view event stream

This release adds timestamp pop-ups that show an full date and time when you hover the mouse over a relative time, such as ‘An hour ago’. This is useful when you need to know exactly when something happened.

Process builder

In Effektif, you use the process builder’s diagram editor to model processes. In the diagram editor, if you prefer model your processes from left to right, you may end up with wide process diagrams that require sideways scrolling.

This release improves how scrolling works, making it easier to edit large diagrams. You can now scroll horizontally using scrollbars, or with a mouse or trackpad.

User profile

When you use Effektif, you can be a member of organizations, so you can collaborate on workflows with other organization members. However, you may wish to leave an organisation.

Previously, you needed an organization administrator to remove you from their organization, but with this release you can now remove yourself. To do this, on your user profile page, click the ‘Leave’ button to the right of the organisation name:

organization settings

This reveals a confirmation button – click the red tick mark to confirm:

leaving an organization

To conclude, these were just a few of this week’s improvements. The Effektif team is already working on improvements for the next release.

Published on: May 7th 2015 - Last modified: February 21st, 2018