Ignoring the breaking and entering portion of the story, and skipping directly to the porridge, IT Buyers have a lot in common with Goldilocks. Let’s put this in context with business process management (BPM) software, our favourite topic.

This porridge is too cold! Or, the smallest bowl

Sure, it’s easy to use, but when it comes down to performing over time, they just don’t cut the mustard. Solutions in this category might have an engaging interface, but when it comes down to producing models which stand up to the rigors of Enterprise-level process requirements, like built in BPMN 2.0 notation (for standardization and consistency into the future), being able to integrate with other core third party applications (think Google apps, Salesforce), or simulate and analyze processes to produce real, useable insights, it’s a washout.

Here, what starts out as a genuine desire to keep things as simple as possible quickly devolves into a situation where organizations find themselves stuck with a solution not capable of keeping up with their growing process maturity, but unable to change to a more relevant solution without starting over from scratch.

This porridge is too hot! Or, the Big bowl

On the other hand are the ‘porridge is too hot’ bunch. Those IT Buyers with experience of these monoliths will be familiar with the expletives muttered by those forced to use them from the next office, or the long phone calls with IT helpdesk to solve something which should be simple but just isn’t.

Requiring significant time and financial investment in training, and a Phd to ‘drive’, these solutions are fine if your intended use for it is just theoretical.  If, however, you (and your team) want to get some concrete value from your significant investment over the term of your restrictive contract, say goodbye to your lunch breaks and hello to complex user manuals.

Sometimes these heavyweight solutions try to be young and hip, harking back to another classic fairytale Little Red Riding Hood – and the moral is the same – often you will find the same lack of responsiveness lurking behind their SaaS versions as their on-premise. Wolves dress themselves up in all kinds of ways.

This porridge is just right! Or, the perfect fit

After dutifully exploring options on the market – finding the restrictive complexity of some too hot, but the well-meaning simplicity of others too cold, lucky IT Buyers will happen across The One. The perfect fit. Just Right.

Packed full of functionality, but with a talent for revealing it at the right times, Just Right means meeting you where you are on your BPM journey (regardless of expertise), and providing the flexibility and responsiveness to develop with your organization over time. It means getting SaaSy, but in a good way. It means slotting in perfectly to your existing IT landscape, with the ability to integrate with new tech as it comes along designed right in. It means putting their money where their mouth is and demonstrating confidence in the product by making it easy to switch solutions if you are not satisfied, and not locking you into long contracts.

If Goldilocks and the Three Bears taught us anything (other than the perils of leaving one’s porridge unattended), it is that finding the perfect fit is possible. For IT Buyers, this means recognizing they do not need to sacrifice functionality for usability, or agility for scale when it comes to IT solutions.

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Published on: May 20th 2016 - Last modified: January 7th, 2019
Topics: BPMN