Five minutes are over pretty quickly.

And here comes the bold promise of Effektif:

You can implement your first process in five minutes.

Even if you have never used Effektif (or any other BPM platform) before. Even if you have never modeled a process or implemented any code.

Five minutes is enough to get you started.

So what is the most basic stuff you would want to define in your process?

  • You want to define a couple of tasks.
  • You want to assign these tasks to people.
  • You might want to add a simple form to start the process.
  • You want to point your colleagues to the process so that they can run it.

All of these things you can do in five minutes with Effektif. Even if you have never used the system before.

  • Adding tasks? No problem, just create a list and give each one of them a name. If you don’t add any more information to the task, it will appear as simple TODO list.
  • Assign tasks to people? Sure, go ahead and type in their email address. They are not registered for Effektif, yet? Don’t worry, Effektif will take care of that for you.
  • Define a form? Drag some fields into the form. Think, but even simpler.
  • Get your colleagues involved? Just take the link and pass it on via email. Your colleagues will immediately be able to initiate the process or perform tasks in it.

Effektif takes all the hassle out of process automation and let’s you get started right away. You just need to bring your tasks and Effektif will help you to get them done!

Published on: April 25th 2013 - Last modified: March 12th, 2018