So what is Code Camp? Each year for the last five years Signavio has been whisking her employees off to a far-flung corner of Germany for an annual work/fun combo. From the original team Signavio has exploded in size, with Code Camp 2016 bringing 100+ team members from around the globe – from the US, Asia Pacific (Singapore, Australia), and Europe, for three days of team-building and collaboration.

Why Code Camp? Glad you asked – here at Signavio we like to start every project with ‘WHY?’, and Code Camp is no exception. Code Camp is an opportunity to bring everyone together (as above), but also a time to collaborate and work on product innovation and professional development. So what does that look like? As a rapidly growing software company, Signavio faces the same types of organizational challenges related to scalability, business process optimization, and business transformation as our clients – and Code Camp is the ideal forum for some deep collaborative activities. Walking the talk of continuous process improvement and process innovation!

The developers got started on their innovation projects a couple of days early – delving into Signavio’s depths and asking the right questions to discover opportunities to make things simpler, faster, and more effective. With the Signavio Code Camp Excellence Award rolling out for Code Camp release v20.16 – the stakes had never been higher.

Signavio developers innovation

IT guys in deep discussion feat. remote team member Peter Hilton, Signavio Workflow Guru.

Signavio developers innovating

Making use of the new co-working spaces at Signavio Berlin HQ.

As the day of departure dawned, the development projects had been hatched – with projects designed to visualize lost development time, automate manual work for the marketing team, creatively on-board new team members, and speed up the location and fixing of bugs ready to go.
After arriving at the venue it was straight into the afternoon’s program – kicked off by CEO Dr. Gero Decker starting with WHY BPM –

Signavio starting with why

CEO Dr. Gero Decker starting with "why?"

Situations Signavio solves

On screen: your worst process nightmare (just to clarify, not the meeting!).

…and introductions from our newest Signavians – for some, Code Camp Day 1 was their first day at Signavio. Talk about a great start! Wonderful to get everyone in one room – a much bigger one than last year!

Signavio new team members

Tyler one of the new US team, introducing himself.

Day 2 began bright and early, with the different departments splitting up to go to their training sessions – reader-centric writing workshops for the Marketers, powerful presentation skills for the Sales team, and more work on their projects for the developers – more on that later!

Signavio Sales team training

Sales team and product managers learning how to tell their stories even better!

Signavio marketing texts

The Marketeers chat about improving texts.

Code Camp is not only about work though – there was plenty of time for play and team-building.

Signavio team bonding

Taking a moment to chat.

The third day again dawned bright, but not so early for all – with a final flurry of work activities. For the developers – finishing off the last touches to their Signavio Code Camp Excellence Award entries. For the Marketing team – polishing up some optimization of our internal processes, and for Sales, more sales discussion.
Finally it was the moment we had all been waiting for – the award ceremony. The whole team watched as each group of developers presented their projects. Although everyone did a great job, including the team who came up with a Medieval-themed digital treasure hunt to help new Signavians get to know people around the office. The overall winners were the team who had chosen a not-very-sexy but extremely helpful project to automate the manual work required to administer webinars, for the marketing team – congratulations!

Signavio code camp winners

The heroic team after being presented with their “trophies” - go team!

For the rest of the afternoon we got down to doing what we do second best (after making software people love to use, of course) – having fun with the team! A BBQ at the nearby lake was in order – along with swimming, bikes, volleyball, and delicious food…

Signavio lake expedition

A variety of transport options were available.

Signavio code camp lake bbq

Preparing the feast to feed the hungry swimmers.

After enjoying festivities into the night, we were all relieved to get on the (only one hour late) bus back to Berlin, inspired for the year ahead! Bring on Signavio Code Camp v20.17!

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Published on: September 8th 2016 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020
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