SAP Signavio Q4 2021 Product Update

Written by Manja Kuchel | 8 min read
Published on: January 10th 2022 - Last modified: November 22nd, 2022
Product Release

Our Q4 2021 product update offers new or improved functions for every element of the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite. We've enhanced collaboration and connectivity from process flows to performance indicators and everything in between. Read on to find out more....

The SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite

As part of our Q4 2021 product update, new / improved functions are available for:

SAP Signavio Process Manager + SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

SAP Signavio now enables you to link journeys to SAP Signavio Process Manager diagrams in the Process Manager Editor and in the SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub.

Journeys are now linked into the diagram attributes section (diagram relations):

attributes screenshot

Related diagrams AND journeys are shown within the "save" dialog to inform you about what your changes might affect. Journeys are added to the attributes section of process diagrams in the Hub.

A sentiment stencil was added to Live Insights to depict user sentiment:

user sentiment screentshot

The link between journeys and processes establishes a more integrative perception for users and allows you to evaluate the impact of changes and see areas of improvement faster.

SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

Improved content collaboration for Hub only users

Administrators and process owners can limit navigation and commenting capabilities for specific audiences to allow a higher collaboration focus for general users. Admins can now:

  • decide between a process-based navigation and a folder-based navigation for specific audiences; and
  • configure which audiences are allowed to comment on published content.

This allows general SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub users to focus on the processes most relevant to them by following the path defined by admins/process owners:

navigation settings screenshot

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

With this release, we´ve renamed the slider "Variants" into "Paths" in the SAP Signavio Process Intelligence process discovery widget, as this term better describes its function. You can set how many paths are displayed in the displayed process model:

process discovery screenshot

In our last product release, we introduced the capability to make your investigations private. Hovering over "Copy widget ID" in the widget menu informs you that copying widgets for those locked investigations is now disabled:

total number of sales screenshot

A further change on the user interface allows you to see complete date and time by hovering over all fields with timestamps in the tables:

case table screenshot


Pipeline log progression and metrics

On the connectivity side, you can now better monitor the progress of your ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) executions, see how long each pipeline step takes, as well as if executions have failed. This increases transparency and your overall experience in the ETL process.

The number of rows of event logs, the number of rows extracted for every table and the number of transformed cases and events are now displayed, providing you with further information about the extraction:

pipeline log progression screenshot

Support of special characters in data extractions

In the extraction phase, special characters are now supported. This saves you time, with all special characters in column aliases being now automatically replaced with an underscore:

special character support screenshot

Error linting for advanced extraction

We've now introduced error linting in the query editor and advanced extraction. You can now easily spot issues in your SQL code when you customize an integration during the extract phase. Errors (such as mandatory fields missing), information about the column with existing issues, and details of the error are displayed.

New transformation templates

We’ve added more data transformation templates for Procure-to-Pay and Invoice-to-Cash for SAP ECC. We’ve also updated the following templates: Order-to-Cash for SAP ECC and Incident-to-Resolution for ServiceNow. Please refer to the release notes for more details on the changes.

Query editor preview improvements

Further updates help you save time and offer you more flexibility during the transformation phase. The query preview now runs 70% faster, can be run loading in the background, and you can leave the editor during loading. You can also cancel the preview at any time.

New table configuration page

You can now run initial extractions for multiple tables at once by saving your initial partitioning strategy ahead and starting later with the extraction.


New updates on our SIGNAL engine help all SIGNAL users perform much quicker and deeper analyses on data:

  • Use new out-of-the-box descriptive statistics metrics such as percentile, median or standard deviation, which help you better understand the distribution of data.
  • Use new advanced arithmetic functions such as SQRT, which returns the square root of a numeric expression, or POW, which returns the exponent power, amongst others.
  • Create more complex queries by now nesting an inner SiGNAL query into a larger query.
  • Pick random rows from a table query.
  • You can now also query time-related data such as year, month or week.

SAP Process Insights

SAP Process Insights is now part of the SAP Signavio portfolio. We released new content:

  • One new End-to-End Process (Governance)
  • Two new Lines of Business (Supply Chain, R&D/Engineering)
  • 21 additional Process Flows
  • 24 new Process Performance Indicators
  • Over 100 new innovation recommendations

Process flows

Improvements to Process Flows support you with a better and more intuitive analysis of process performance:

  • You are now able to display detail list of documents for every process flow stage, as well as for every blocker and context information box.
  • Each process flow stage now shows you the number of process blockers relevant for its performance, and the relevant blocker boxes are highlighted when hovering over the process flow stage.
  • The most relevant process flow for a given end-to-end process or line of business is now preselected when you start the analysis, based on the number of business objects affected.

Performance indicators

We introduced usability and functionality improvements, making the navigation more intuitive, and providing you with additional key information for a successful analysis:

  • Innovation recommendations linked directly to performance indicators for more targeted improvement suggestions.
  • Different categories (such as automation Rate, Backlog, Changes etc.) for Performance Indicators to improve navigation to relevant topics.
  • You can now see the Automation rate for all performance indicators, containing information whether documents were created manually or automatically.
  • Performance indicators now display not only the total number of affected documents, but also the aggregated sum of the monetary information from those documents (if this information is available), e.g. 120 sales orders with a total volume of 3.3 million EUR.


We added two new categories:

  • Internet of things recommendations
  • Industry Cloud Solutions recommendations (currently available for 12 industries)

Additionally, recommended SAP S/4HANA capabilities and SAP Fiori Apps now contain information about industry popularity, allowing you to see how often your industry peers choose to use a given product.

Navigation and Administration

New, more-focused entry points are now available, with Modular Processes available under End-to-End Processes and Value Drivers under Lines of Business, enabling you to get the insights relevant for more-specific business goals.

The Administration area allows you to select your industry, and a collection run configuration. You can now set a limit on the number of data collection runs to be stored for each performance indicator.

SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

Multiple touchpoint cards per cell

SAP Signavio Journey Modeler users, who wish to create or edit journey models, can now improve the journey modeling experience. We enable you to add multiple touchpoint cards per cell as well as sort individual touchpoints via drag and drop. In Q3 we already released the ability to link multiple processes per cell.

SAP Signavio Process Governance

General user experience improvements

You can now benefit from improved user experience within SAP Signavio Process Governance for:

  • Variables as task assignees
  • Variables as escalation targets
  • Time variables for reminder configuration
  • Time variables for escalation configuration:

reminders escalation screenshot

  • No throttling for activities anymore

SAP Solution Manager Connector

As part of our Q4 2021 product update, and in the future, we will continuously improve the integration SAP Solution Manager and the SAP Signavio products. By supporting scopes for imports from SAP SolMan to SAP Signavio Process Manager by default all objects are accessible via the API. You can now define scopes within SolMan to filter out irrelevant folders and types of objects for various use cases. These scoped objects can then be imported via API while improving performance and workspace utilization.

Published on: January 10th 2022 - Last modified: November 22nd, 2022