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Effektif version 2.17 release - Salesforce BPM

Effektif version 2.17 release - Salesforce BPM

Effektif has just released a new version of its cloud-based workflow platform for connecting people and cloud services. This new version adds Salesforce integration.

Integrating Workflows With Salesforce

Salesforce can now start new processes in Effektif, such as workflows to handle completed sales opportunities. A change, for instance a completed sale that closes an opportunity in Salesforce, can automatically start a process to notify the team that a celebration is in order. After all, we should all celebrate our successes.

To see it in action, watch the screencast.

Simplified Workflows and Easy Integration

By linking Salesforce to Effektif, Salesforce users can now take advantage of Effektif’s simplified workflow to coordinate tasks between people in a team and integrate with existing IT systems. Most importantly, this integration is easy to configure. You can still integrate your Effektif workflows with your other systems – the Salesforce integration is only one of the ways to do this.

What makes Effektif workflows valuable, is that you can combine user tasks with any enterprise IT application. This helps teams to work more efficiently by avoiding missed handovers and the automatic integrations also push work forward with minimal manual effort.

Effektif’s new Salesforce integration is a good example of how we can achieve easy integration and simplified workflows. Establishing the connection is a one-time configuration for a more technical user: first, configure an outbound message in Salesforce, then, in Effektif’s organisation settings, configure a new trigger type for messages from Salesforce. Meanwhile, we’ve made sure that these technical details are separate from process modeling, so that all end users can start using those Salesforce triggers in their workflows and just focus on the business process.

Reduced Costs and Complexity With Cloud Computing

Effektif shares Salesforce’s vision of using cloud computing to deliver business software with less complexity and lower costs. Eliminating hardware and software management headaches lets you focus on your real business goals. The benefits of cloud computing apply just as much to simplified business workflows in Effektif, as they do to sales automation and CRM in Salesforce.

Cloud computing isn’t just a shared vision, it is also a shared architecture, which makes Salesforce a natural fit for integration with Effektif. This is one way in which cloud computing is not different: integration still matters. These days, enterprises use an increasing number of cloud services to support their business processes and can use Effektif as an integrated productivity layer.

Scaling up to BPM with BPMN

With Effektif, you can get started by experimenting with simple processes without sacrificing the possibility of later scaling up to business process management (BPM). You don’t have to start with Business Process Model & Notation (BPMN) but you may want to switch to it later, or work with business analysts who use it too.


Published on: February 11th 2015 - Last modified: November 13th, 2020