It’s been a busy year for the Effektif team. This article recalls some of the year’s highlights and looks at what’s next.

We’ll start with the key events of the year, followed by a selection from this blog and a look at what’s next on the Effektif product road map.

Key events in 2015

The main event of 2015 was the Effketif workflow engine open source release in March. This new open source project delivers a new generate of embeddable BPM to software developers, who can now use the same engine that powers the Effektif cloud service in their own applications.

The Effektif team has released 77 cloud service software updates since January, delivering regular fixes to keep the service stable and reliable as well as continuous improvements to make the software better.

The Effektif team participated in a number of external events, including:

However, the most important events this year were new customers signing up for the Effektif cloud service, such as KLANN Packaging.

Popular blog posts

In 2015, the Effektif team regularly published on this blog: product news, announcements, tutorials and examples of how to use Effektif. In case you missed them, here are the ten most popular blog posts this year.

The two most popular blog posts announced the Effektif engine’ open source release.

The top ten included a few examples of using Effektif and a demonstration screencast.

Software updates were also popular, especially the Salesforce integration feature description and tutorial.

There will of course be many more blog posts in the coming year, but the Effektif team also has bigger plans.

Product road map

This week’s version 3.0 release means that Effektif is a better platform than ever for further development. To start with, the Effektif team is going to work on integration and reporting. The next product improvements on the Effektif road map are:

  1. Signavio Process Editor integration
  2. Reporting dashboard
  3. DMN (Decision Model and Notation) integration

Signavio Process Editor integration will improve the experience for people who use the Signavio Process Editor for collaborative modelling and Effektif for process execution. We are continuing to work towards the ability to round-trip process models between the two products.

A new reporting dashboard will provide aggregated process execution information for process managers, giving them more visibility about how their teams work on cases. We are currently planning flexible reporting, with a simple configuration user interface to allow managers to customise their reports.

DMN (Decision Model and Notation) is a new standard for modelling business decisions and business rules. In 2015, Signavio added DMN diagram support to the Signavio Process Editor. The Effektif team is now planning to continue this work by adding DMN execution to Effektif.

There will be many other improvements to Effektif in 2016, but these should be enough to get you started.

Photo: Epic Fireworks / CC BY 2.0

Published on: December 11th 2015 - Last modified: February 21st, 2018