As Financial Times 500 companies navigate competitive landscapes, they are constantly adjusting their business models to enter new markets, introduce new offerings and react to threats. Despite establishing internal improvement teams over the last decade, most organizations report success with incremental improvements but challenges in achieving significant step-change transformation.

Optimizing Operating Performance Requires a Comprehensive Program to Achieve Step Change Goals. That’s where PRO comes in – we frequently partner with senior executives and their internal improvement/Lean Six Sigma teams to accelerate existing initiatives and achieve stretch goals.

Over more than 25 years of client engagements, PRO’s Leadership Team has created the world’s largest Knowledge Base of process workflow templates, benchmark metrics and improvement opportunities across all industries and shared corporate functions. Powered by BPMN2 Technology, these “innovation stimuli” help us break down internal work group silos and drive end-to-end progress, enabling PRO to deliver exceptional and repeatable performance improvements for our industry leading clients.