HENRICHSEN AG is a pioneer in the document and enterprise content management with over 20 years experience in the intelligent linking of information and processes.

The HENRICHSEN AG understands the requirements in medium-sized businesses and has proved this in more than 1,800 projects. The passion of the employees is the workplace of the future, with real solutions that simplify and improve productivity.

The company’s goal is to improve the decision quality and productivity of knowledge-work.

130 employees at 5 locations identify relevant IT trends and know which technologies and solutions need to be prepared for medium-sized businesses.

Besides this the HENRICHSEN AG is in constant contact with the major players in the IT business, such as Microsoft and SAP, as well as experts from science and universities.

The company has a laboratory of innovation which analyzes trends. In order to provide the optimum solution for clients and to support the IT-Strategy, four business departments have been constructed. The HENRICHSEN AG provides solutions on the SAP platform, Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics, as well as independent ECM suites from leading manufacturers.