EA Principals [EA stands for “Enterprise Architecture”] is the leading global authority of Enterprise Architecture certification training for multiple frameworks.

The company promotes accelerated EA maturity, knowledge and skills for contributing to "better-informed decisions faster".

Dr. Steve Else is the CEO and Founder of EA Principals, Inc. As one of the world’s foremost innovators, practitioners/consultants, lecturers, educators and trainers serving the Enterprise Architecture (EA) industry, Dr. Else has been a sought-after authority within the global business transformation community for nearly two decades. His comprehensive practical knowledge about Enterprise Architecture is reflected in the numerous universities he teaches at and in all training sessions – his knowledge has helped enrich EA Principals’ talented and experienced faculty as well, as he has trained each of them, too, in at least one EA framework.

EA Principals faculty is one of the best collections of EA knowledge and experience in the world. The company is also committed to enabling students to learn through on-demand and virtual channels, as well as in face-to-face classes and welcome the chance to do what they do best: private, customized training.

Learn more about the training possibilities at: https://eaprincipals.com/courses.