AKRA Business Solutions GmbH is a Hamburg-based consulting company for process-oriented organizations and Integrated Management Systems.

The company supports their customers in the introduction, the operating mode and the certification of management systems. These include the IT Service Management (ISO / IEC 0000), IT security management (ISO / IEC 700 , BSI IT Baseline Protection) and emergency management (BSI Standard 00-4, ISO 0 ), supplemented by Internal Control Systems (IDW PS 6 , PS 95 ), systems for quality management (ISO 9000), environmental management (ISO 400 ) and occupational health and safety (OHSAS 00).


In SAP implementations, AKRA offers their clients expertise in business process mapping, modeling and optimization, in application lifecycle management, and testing and quality management with the SAP Solution Manager.


The company´s mission to "SIMPLY MAKE" Business processes and Management Systems means for them

SIMPLY make - make complexity manageable

simply MAKE - implement the concepts to their customers in good practice.


AKRA Business Solutions GmbH belongs to AKRA group, with locations in Kiel, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Krakow (Poland).

Please read our White paper and learn about the advantages of the integration of Signavio and SAP Solution Manager.