Many businesses regularly ask themselves how they can best outline their processes.

Outlining processes becomes of key importance when companies are constantly expanding. Especially if they want to make their daily processes accessible to all of their employees across their various locations, and in turn optimize the customer service they are providing. However, small businesses and Startups are also keen to outline their processes. Once they have identified their processes and clarified responsibilities, they are easily able to avoid misunderstandings; allowing them to reduce the number of questions asked during day-to-day business.

You can also outline processes under difficult conditions

Both globalization and progressive digitalization of business are continually changing the process landscape, making it both more complex and much more difficult to get to grips with. Nevertheless, businesses still want to create a structured outline of their processes, but they often don’t have access to the right kind of software.

In some cases, companies even already have a well-engineered BPM system in place, but this sometimes doesn’t meet the needs of either the beginners or those with experience in process modeling. This type of solution does admittedly have professional features on offer. However, the modeler normally requires a good base knowledge of BPM in order for them to successfully outline processes.

Outline processes professionally and easily

We want to help you to outline your processes in the best way possible. Signavio is a state-of-the-art BPM tool which is designed to allow you to outline your processes as a team, which makes completing your daily tasks easier. During the earlier product development stages, it was important for Signavio to create a BPM tool that could be used by someone who had no prior background in Business Process Modeling.

With Signavio Process Manager, modeling beginners can also outline processes and contribute to the agility of the company. The advantage being that BPM comes into focus and the knowledge of all those involved has an influence on modeling. Over 1,000 different companies from all over the world work with Signavio every day, and this number is constantly rising.

Professional process outlining is also for beginners!

Business process modeling is normally a task for management, but nobody wants to pass up on the worthwhile knowledge of individuals. The more knowledge there is available about a process, the more efficiently the processes can be outlined.

With features such as the Quick Model, the comments function and Signavio Collaboration Hub, Signavio combines intuitive process modeling with collaborative work in a unique way. Why not try out the features yourself with the 30-day trial version. Register at any time and begin modeling your processes straight away.