Whitepaper: From EPC to BPMN

December 7th 2009

Event-driven process chains (EPC) are still widely used for process modeling. The Signavio Process Editor supports this notation and offers a smooth import for existing EPC models from other tools.

Given the increasing interest in BPMN, many organizations are currently evaluating whether they should switch to BPMN. The main argument often is that BPMN is an international standard that is supported by a large number of software vendors and consultants. Improved business-IT-alignment is often cited as well.

Depending on how much effort has already been spent on EPC modeling, organizations have to make up their minds how existing EPC models can be transformed to BPMN. We have tackled this topic in our article “Migrating from EPC to BPMN” (in German). The work resulted from a close collaboration with Prof. Puchan from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. The article discusses which constructs can easily be mapped, where there are multiple mapping options and where semantics would get lost when mapping.

Are you interested in switching from EPC to BPMN? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.