Version 7.5.1 of the Signavio Process Editor now available

All new features and updated usability in the Signavio Process Editor.

We just released Version 7.5.1 of the Signavio Process Editor. Read through the short summary to learn about the new features!

Insert pictures into the description

You now have the option to insert pictures into the description text for more comprehensible reports for your readers.

The same pictures used in the descriptions will be shown in both the collaboration portal and in the process library. Anyone with access to these features can view the pictures, and see more information about the description at anytime.

For example, drop a screenshot from an IT application directly into your description.

PDF Export in the Editor

Save valuable time by using the new PDF Export with your standard configuration in the editor instead of switching to the explorer view.


Background resources not directly involved in executing activities are no longer considered in the simulation. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on the main process flow.

We can only mention so much here, so please read through the release notes for more detail. We promise you'll extract some great value out of the descriptions.