Signavio Process Editor: version 7.1 now available!

Time has come again for a new release of Signavio's process editor! Our latest version includes many enhancements, including the ability to adapt Signavio more closely to your personal needs.

With this latest update, we also continue to expand and improve on Signavio's collaborative and transparent process design features. For example; When in the editing view with version 7.1, all diagrams linked to the current diagram are presented, making navigating between related models much more convenient. This new view also has the benefit of helping everyone understand how the processes relate to each other.

With our newly enhanced dictionary feature, in addition to selecting from five predefined categories, you are now able to define custom entries suitable for your organisation's unique requirements. Use cases for this new functionality include defining categories for enterprise objectives, risks or the IT landscape. When a modeler incorporates the enterprise architecture information associated with each activity in a process, many questions about IT related dependencies are easily answered for all participants.

Please see our latest release notes to learn about the full set of feature enhancements in Signavio's version 7.1. Give it a try. We think you'll like it! Have other suggestions on how we can improve our process modeler? Please send us a mail at: It would be great to hear from you!