Version 10.9.0 (SaaS) up and running!

This release is packed full of tweaks to make your modelling career simpler and more efficient!

Signavio Release Box Image

The Signavio Platform

Titles and descriptions of custom attributes can now be managed in multiple languages, meaning management of your processes across geographies is even easier than before.

We’ve beefed up security (which was already very secure). Now if a user enters an incorrect password five times, they will be invited to enter a captcha. After ten consecutive failed attempts the account will be deactivated and can only be reactivated by Signavio Support - protecting users from brute force attacks even more.

The Signavio Process Editor

To make migrating from legacy modeling systems to Signavio even easier, the AML importer now supports Function Tree Diagram, Application System Type Diagram, Function Allocation Diagram, and Information Carrier Diagram. These diagram types can now be imported into Signavio and automatically converted into EPCs (Event-driven Process Chains), ready for you to get straight to value-adding work!

As with every release we have a Smörgåsbord of bug fixes and general improvements - check out the full list here! Questions? Suggestions? Get in touch with your account representative or email to talk to an expert.