Version 10.7 (SaaS) is up and running on editor and app-us!

Fresh updates from the Signavio development floor!

Signavio Release Box Image

More fresh updates from the Signavio development floor!


Signavio Platform

  • You can now configure which attribute visualization layers should be available in the Collaboration Portal. This gives you even greater control of exactly what information is available to users, increasing clarity.
  • You can now define a custom welcome message for the Collaboration Portal’s ‘Home’ page. This is another step to truly making your organization’s Collaboration Portal reflect your brand and values.

Signavio Process Editor

  • The Signavio Process Editor can now automatically convert Event-driven Process Chains (EPCs) to BPMN 2.0 diagrams. This is a true game-changer — significantly cutting the time required to convert old EPCs from legacy systems into the BPMN 2.0 open standard.

Signavio Decision Manager

  • Our risk management feature, currently in beta, has been enhanced further, which now supports risk management attributes in imports and exports!


You can check out the full list of functional improvements and bug fixes here. Questions? Suggestions? Get in touch with your account representative or email to talk to an expert.