Signavio Version 9.8.0 (SaaS) is Now Available!

This latest update focuses on improvements to the entire platform and to the Signavio Process Editor along with a wealth of fixed bugs. Read on for more information.

Signavio Release Box Image

Signavio Platform

Signavio's ongoing efforts to constantly enhance convenience, usability and agility are behind the developments in the Signavio Platform.

The Collaboration Portal has seen a number of improvements with this release. Dictionary categories with a large number of entries now open with significantly increased speed than previously and improvements have been made to the visual experience with the embedding mode, which has no header and a collapsed dictionary tree for optimal embedded use.

Improved integration with Effektif now also makes it possible to transfer changes to models from Effektif to Signavio.

Signavio Process Editor

Users can now simply request access to a new feature to import reference processes of the AQPC Process Classification Framework.

The APQC Process Classification Framework offers a wide range of reference processes for various industries, including a number of process indicators. Use these as a benchmark for your current processes or as a basis for target processes and take effective management to a new level.

Full Release Notes

As always, for the full information on all of the improved functions and also the fixed bugs in this release, please see our full release notes.