Signavio Version 9.3 (SaaS) is now Available!

Read more below about this latest release, which brings particular advancements to the Collaboration Portal, the editor and the dictionary.

Signavio Release Box Image

Signavio Process Editor – Stakeholder Specific Views in the Collaboration Portal

We continue to make improvements to the new Collaboration Portal. The highlights of the latest enhancements include the facility to select stakeholder-specific views in the diagram view of the portal. With this personalization, all stakeholders can clearly comprehend their own responsibilities within processes without the confusion of information that is irrelevant to them.

Signavio Decision Manager – Test Lab

Since the release of version 9.2.1, users have had the opportunity to run test cases from a defined series of input data. Running test cases enables the comparison of different scenarios and quickly shows whether the decision logic of a DMN model fulfils all requirements. Users can, for instance, test that a discount is calculated consistently in all cases.

With this latest release, we have changed the name of the Test Runner to Test Lab.

Signavio Platform (including both the Signavio Decision Manager and the Signavio Process Editor

The title of dictionary entries can now more easily be edited using the Excel import. Rather than having to change each entry individually, they can be modified in Excel and then imported, not only saving time but also making it more convenient when numerous changes need to be made.

Full Release Notes

All details of the new updates, along with fixed bugs, can be found in our full release notes: Changes in Version 9.3.