Signavio Version 9.3.2 (SaaS) is now Available!

Our latest release brings numerous improvements and fixes to the Signavio product portfolio. Read on for more information.

Signavio Release Box Image


Signavio Process Editor

The Signavio Process Editor now includes the functionality to remove approval for multiple diagrams in one action, and loading time of approved models has been improved meaning even greater time savings for modelers and users.


Signavio Decision Manager

Important updates to information exported to Drools - annotations are now exported as an extra data structure allowing the files to be used in the Drools engine to request further information, complex terms are now exported completely in Drools. Additionally, multi insurance decisions are now supported by the Test Lab and the table editor now supports numbers with more than two decimal places - improving experience and functionality.


Signavio Platform

Many other fixes have been implemented across the platform to improve experience - including from the Signavio Ideas Portal. We are responsive to your ideas so keep them coming! Other fixes made in this version include the removal of an unwanted line break appearing in certain browsers when adding a hyperlink to a multiline attribute, and the display of overlays for ‘risks and controls’ among others.


To find out the full details of this latest release, including updates, improvements and fixed bugs, please see the full release notes.