Signavio Version 9.2.1 is now Available!

Read more below about the highlights and enhancements to the Signavio Process Editor and the Signavio Decision Manager brought by this latest release.

Signavio Release Box Image


Signavio Decision Manager

Users now have the possibility to execute test cases, which define an expected result for a series of input data. The spreadsheet style design layout allows users to enter executable specifications with which the DMN model has to comply. The expected results are verified against the calculated results and any differences are shown.

This feature can be found directly in the decision table under “export”.

Running test cases allows different scenarios to be tested and helps check whether the decision logic of a DMN model complies to its requirements, for example, whether the discount is always computed as it should in all corner cases.


Signavio Platform (including both the Signavio Decision Manager and the Signavio Process Editor)

External images can now be incorporated via a URL into formatted text. This can be used, for example, as a description of an element to aid clarity and quick understanding.


Access to process handbook templates can now be granted via user permissions. This facilitates easier access as it is possible to also allow non-administrators to create or edit the templates.


Improvements to the new portal have been made to enhance navigation. The model path now also displays the hyperlinks hierarchy for DMN diagrams.


Full Release Notes

As always full information about this new release along with fixed bugs, can be found in our release notes: Changes in Version 9.2.1.