Signavio Process Editor Version 8.6.0 (SaaS & On-Premise) is now Available!

Version 8.6.0 (SaaS & On-Premise) brings improvements to the SAP Solution Manager integration and the BPM Collaboration Portal.

SAP Solution Manager Integration

The SAP Solution Manager continues to be developed and improved. To execute the synchronization, the user does not need to be in the administrators group anymore. For each user group a selection can now be made regarding those members who can execute synchronization.

BPM Collaboration Portal

The features of the BPM Collaboration Portal also continue to be enhanced with this release. The search results will now include diagrams, files, folders, dictionary entries and dictionary categories.

Further improvements

Any colleague can now be invited to view diagrams published in the Collaboration Portal by email. Installation of the client certificate is required to access the BPM Collaboration Portal. As always, full information on all the changes and fixes in this latest release can be found in our release notes: Changes in Version 8.6.0.