Signavio Process Editor Version 8.2.0 (SaaS) now available!

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Upgraded user management

When inviting a user, it is now possible to add him into specific user groups. The user then only inherits the access rights of these groups. This feature helps simplify user management.

Importing dictionary entries

In addition to the ability to export entries to Microsoft Excel® sheets, it is now possible to import changes made in the sheet and add new entries directly into Signavio’s dictionary. Nice feature, isn’t it?

If you want to learn more about the Dictionary feature, please also see our latest webcast recording.

Dynamic execution time of activities in the simulation

Simulation results will now be much more realistic since you can now add varieties of execution times and variations. Example: Activity A needs 20 minutes in 80% of the cases and 5 minutes in 20%.

Further improvements: Approval Workflow, e-mail notifi­cations and modeling experience

There is only so much we can mention here, so please feel free to read the release notes for all improvement and bug fixing details.