Signavio Process Editor Version 7.8.1 now available!

Our most recent update to the Signavio Process Editor improves on some of the newly introduced features.

Signavio collaborative process design logo

The new version allows workspace administrators to establish a self check for attached intermediate events. Users can dedicate more time to modeling great processes now that the modeling conventions can be set to check attached intermediate events.

We also made updates to the activity feed that improve productivity and visibility. Activity feed notification emails are more detailed in certain respects. Now the emails you receive will include information about updates to dictionary changes, new comments, and many other workspace changes. Maintaining a collaborative environment has never been easier with a BPM tool.

Version 7.8.1 introduces these improvements and more, so read the full details in the release notes: Changes in Version 7.8.1.

We’re always working to deliver the best product to our customers so that you find the new features and fixes advantageous to your BPM efforts. Software improvements happen much quicker when we have feedback from great customers like you. If you wish to share suggestions or ideas that you would like to see incorporated in Signavio, please feel free to contact us at: We look forward to hearing from you!