Process modeling on the iPad

Signavio is the world's first software vendor to enable graphical process modeling on the iPad.


The iPad has already become an integral part of meetings and business trips for many users. These people can now edit process diagrams in a quick and easy way, explains Dr. Gero Decker, Managing Director of Signavio. In addition, the discussion mode helps in the process reviewing phase. Thanks to BPMN 2.0, the process models can later be reused  in other systems as well.

Last year, the Signavio Process Editor, a cloud-based solution for process modeling and analysis, was launched. The same application is now the starting point for the iPad application. "Most modeling tools are fat clients and therefore do not work on the iPad", Willi Tscheschner underlines, Head of Product Development at Signavio. The Signavio Process Editor is different. It is based on the web standards JavaScript and SVG and does not require Flash. Multi-touch capabilities have been added to Signavio's user interface in order to take full advantage of the iPad.


Do you have an iPad? You can access the system through the free 30-day trial and play around with it yourself.