The Signavio Process Editor is now available in edition 6.1.0

July 18th 2012

Signavio is very pleased to announce new features included its latest release, including multi-lingual support: Signavio's process dictionary now supports multiple languages at the same time.

In addition, process diagrams and process documentation can now be generated in different languages (only available in the “Corporate Edition” and the “Publishing for Microsoft® SharePoint®” module.) Signavio’s multi-lingual support is very important to global enterprises who appreciate the benefits of sharing process models and documentation with employees in their native langauge without the challenges of maintaining otherwise identical copies.

The company also extended the functionality of it’s highly configurable process documentation generator. Images such as a corporate logo can now be placed directly into process documentation templates. The new release also includes the ability to pre-define the format of headings and text elements used in business process model reporting. The enhancements to Signavio’s Process Editor documentation templates are helpful in creating reports that meet with corporate standards.