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Finally quitting smoking, eating more healthily, doing more exercise… Almost everyone has considered making a New Year’s resolution at some stage or another. Above all, many people wish that they could finally have some more time to spend with friends and family. Unfortunately this wish, as well as all the others, have one thing in common: we tend to cast them aside almost as quickly as we do our festive Christmas trees.

Read more below about the latest updates and improvements from Signavio. Improvements brought by this latest release focus on the Signavio Decision Manager and have particularly enhanced the simulation feature.

2016 has just begun and Signavio is already running at full speed realizing new innovations, enabling business transformation and ensuring Compliance, Performance Optimization and Innovation.

Signavio GmbH – a leading provider of SaaS-based business process and decision management technology – today announced the completion of a €31 million minority investment from global growth equity investor Summit Partners. The investment will help Signavio expand its international footprint and continue its very strong growth trajectory.

With the holidays fast approaching, are you stuck for ideas of what to give your loved ones? We’ve all been there!