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Business Transformation projects can seem like extremely tall orders at their onset.  If you’re looking to get your initiative off to a great start, think first about utilizing Business Process Management.

Behind every successful BPM program is a team of professionals with specialized and differing skillsets. BPM initiatives are not about communicating a change plan, or optimizing processes, or implementing an enterprise-wide technical solution. They are about all of these things, and the makeup of BPM teams should reflect this.

In our last post, we described 4 tactics that would help you achieve buy-in for your business process management (BPM) initiative. The last of these recommendations was to anticipate specific hesitations your colleagues would have about BPM’s value and implementation. For this blog, we’ll dive a bit further into that topic, providing you with the ammo to counter some of the most likely roadblocks you will encounter.

At last! The configurable portal for the Signavio platform has arrived!

You’ve seen the light and know business process management (BPM) can help your company operate better today and innovate for the future. You understand that documenting processes brings them to life, allowing you to discover inefficiencies and identify areas for positive change. You’re ready to launch a BPM initiative in your organization and start a chain reaction of continuous improvement.