New version of Decision Model and Notation 1.1 released

Signavio celebrates the adoption of the latest version of the standard for decision modeling, DMN™ 1.1.

The Decision Model and Notation™ (DMN™) is an approved standard of the Object Management Group® (OMG®) and has been developed to describe and visualize business decisions. In its initial version, the notation had been approved by the OMG® in December 2014. Since then, a group of industry experts including Signavio Partner Bruce Silver worked on the further enhancement of the standard which has now been released as DMN 1.1.

“The new version of the Decision Model and Notation includes a number of improvements, in particular the refinement of the standardized XML interchange format to facilitate the roundtrip between decision design environments and rules engines.” says Dr. Gero Decker, CEO Signavio. Users of the DMN notation can now easily take their modeled decision diagrams and run them in a rules engine from a different vendor. So far, proprietary integrations had to be provided for each rules engine product, such as between Signavio and Red Hat BRMS.

“The DMN standard complements the well-established process modeling standard BPMN 2.0. I’m glad to see that Business Decision Management is gaining momentum worldwide. The enhancement of this decision modeling standards opens new possibilities for the application of the modeling language in practice” says Bruce Silver, Bruce Silver Associates.

Signavio will provide access to the new interchange format to all users of Signavio Decision Manager by the end of July 2016.

If you are new to DMN and would like to explore more, there is free 30-day trial featuring DMN 1.1 functionality and examples available at