New release 7.5.0 of the Signavio Process Editor now available

Our latest SaaS and On-Premise update of the Signavio Process Editor introduces new features and usability improvements.

Providing you with the best and most up-to-date product is at the forefront of our efforts. Take a look at the latest product features below, and read the details in our release notes.

We were excited to release the previous version since a good portion of the upgrade ideas came directly from Signavio Users. Shortly after, we figured that you could benefit from being able to export views in your newly redesigned PDF exports. Version 7.4.0 made it possible for you to add your company logo (and up to 18 other attributes) to the PDF header and footers, now your customizable report supports the export of views. All of these new PDF export features are now supported in the Collaboration Portal.

We know in the past some of you found it difficult to link Signavio and SharePoint®, so we created a handy installation guide. You can find the step-by-step Microsoft® SharePoint® Connector guide in the Signavio user manual.

Lastly, but of course not least, some good news for our On-Premise users. Version 7.5.0 is fully compatible with Oracle Java 7 - no more arduous work around.

We can only mention so much here, so please read through the release notes for more detail. I promise you'll extract some great value out of the descriptions.